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5 Benefits of Cloud Computing For Your Business

As we further embrace the digital world and the opportunities it brings us, such as improved remote-working, cloud computing is continuing to take over the IT landscape. Cloud computing is a means of accessing, storing and retrieving programs and data via the internet rather than your own computers.

There are a number of advantages of cloud computing for your business that could make this the best solution for your business’ computing needs. We have outlined five of the benefits of cloud computing for your business.

1. Team collaboration

Cloud computing allows opportunities for efficient team collaboration. It will save and backup files in real-time, as well as make your data accessible from any location. The cloud allows your team to work on multiple projects and tasks seamlessly, eliminating the need for multiple copies of the same document and unnecessary communication via email.

2. Cost-effective

Your IT budget may be a major deciding factor in your overall operating costs as a business. Cloud computing can reduce the costs of your current operating costs as it reduces the need for a built-out data centre, equipment and hardware to facilitate the data storage. Plus, with the added value of convenience and reliability, cloud computing can be very cost-effective for your business.

3. Improved security

Forbes’ cloud computing adoption statistics identified that security is the main concern when it comes to adopting cloud computing for their business. In reality, the cloud is one of the most secure environments to store data because it is monitored by security professionals and can only be accessed by authorised users with restricted access. For example, if a company device was stolen, it is much easier to remotely lock a device and be sure that all sensitive data is safe if it is stored in the cloud and protected by a password.

4. Remote access

Along with keeping your data secure, cloud computing allows you to have remote access to your company files stored in the cloud from anywhere with a reliable internet connection. With the rise of remote working, a cloud computing solution is a great solution for businesses whose team members want to be able to collaborate on projects simultaneously while some or all members may be working remotely.

Having a cloud computing solution or hybrid cloud solution means that your business is also prepared for disaster and can seamlessly continue with work from any location. Remote access also allows for seamless work-from-home policies which have been shown to improve employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.

5. Scalability and growth

Cloud computing is flexible and allows you to easily scale up and down the operation and storage needs of your business depending on your situation. Eliminate the need for costly upgrades and installations, as well as disruptions to productivity if you decide to switch to an entirely new data storage solution once your team and business have already grown.

Cloud computing is a proactive change if your business is, or foresees, going through a period of growth and the need to add or remove resources quickly. In saying this, although there are many advantages to cloud computing, depending on the size and IT needs of your business, there may be a solution that is better suited to you such as hybrid cloud, private cloud or in-house data storage and management.

To determine the right choice for your business, get in touch with the Incito team, here.

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